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Enterprise is all about growth, generating customer data, understanding it and making strategic business decisions based on what data says.

To get to a data driven operational environment, marketing, sales, customer success, compliance, all need to be in sync. In today’s competitive online services space, data is getting stored in a various locations, making it difficult to compare and analyze.

Advanced Business Intelligence (BI) tool, E-commerce integrations, custom internal & customer portals, mobile applications, API services are some of the many ways we can help your organization grow and scale.

Optimization of your online services will result in increased ROI, sales and customer acquisition.

Data Repositories

BI, CRM & ERP Platforms

Data is meant to be useful, accessible and meaningful. Having the right Business Intelligence (BI), CRM and ERP systems is crucial to increase efficiency and improve cross-platform integrations across the the organization.

Salesforce, Marketo, Zendesk, HubSpot, Zoho, NetSuite, DOMO are some of the more popular platforms our customers work with. Our recommendations are based on our customers needs, not ours.

The right platform needs to be scalable, meet your budget needs, and properly integrate with your other systems used within the company.

Interactive & Insightful

Internal & Customer Portals

Many of our customers find that having custom and proprietary portals will drastically improve engagement within the organization and their customers.

Portals include dashboards and insights into key stats, reporting, special administrative features, news, communication tools, and much more.

Integration with 3rd party platforms such as DOMO, Salesforce, Marketo and others via API is a great way to make rich data accessible in few clicks.

Online Growth

Advanced Ecommerce

Ecommerce is a continuous process that requires complete understanding of your customers behavior and patterns to better plan for future product offerings and online engagement.

Having the ability derive proper analytics and cross reference data across multiple platforms, integrating new payment gateways, shipping providers and multi-location sites are some of the ways we have helped our customers.

Most of our merchants have their own proprietary ecommerce and website platform built in-house. Others use enterprise frameworks such as Magento Cloud, Drupal and WordPress.

Bridging Opportunities With Smarter Solutions.

We specialize in helping businesses bridge complex problems with their online goals. We are experts in understanding our customer needs and how to properly scale and grow their IT infrastructure. 

Danesc is a privately held data focused consulting company. Established in 1998 and trusted by hundreds of customers across the world, from small to Fortune 100. We believe in Bridging Opportunities with Smarter Solutions. At Danesc, we specialize in ecommerce, enterprise applications, big data and blockchain driven solutions.

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