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How to Write Killer List Blog Posts

The classic list post has always been a top performing format on business blogs. The reason why list blog posts work so well is that they’re easy to skim and utilize the attention-grabbing power of the headline.

Another advantage to incorporating list blog posts into your content calendar is that they help your business to establish authority and allow you to showcase your area of expertise. If you’re a business blogger, publishing list posts will help you earn credibility with your audience and search engines, therefore strengthening your search strategy.

Use the following tips to craft killer list blog posts:

1. Realize that your title will make or break the blog post.

The key to writing a list blog post that will earn your readers’ attention is to give your post an eye-grabbing title. There’s a magic formula for writing captivating blog post titles, and it contains the following elements:

  • Topic of interest to your audience
  • Strong words
  • Numbers
  • Silent promise of value

Making a point to include these four elements when crafting a title for your blog post will help your audience to realize that your content is worth the read.

2. Spend time creating the points in your list post.

Once you have a captivating title, come up with an outline of the points that you want to highlight in your list post. Each point that you highlight needs to be interesting to your audience and stay on track with the overall subject matter. Taking the time to carefully research each point will allow you to provide your readers with unique, value-added content.

3. Keep your list blog posts brief and to the point.

If you create a sea of text, you will lose your audience. The best performing list blog posts are concise and to the point. Writing two to three sentences under each point that you want to emphasize is all that you really need to offer.

Keeping these three pointers in mind when writing list blog posts will help you to create content that resonates with your audience and increase your online visibility. And, of course, when creating list posts, always make it a priority to add as much value as possible to your readers.

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