Business Listings

Why You Need Business Listings Online

Business Listings and Why You Need Them

Long gone are the days of pulling a phone book off the shelf to find a local business. While directories still play a critical role in the way that consumers find businesses, everything has now moved online. For this reason, business listings need to be a part of your search strategy. While you’re already familiar with online directories such as Google and Yelp, there are hundreds of places where your business could have a listing.

So how many business listings should your business have?

The best answer to this question is that you need to create the impression that your business is everywhere. Does this mean you can get by with just including your business listing in the top 10 online directories? Sure, if you’re fine settling with mediocrity.

A common objection to a fully encompassing business listing strategy is that it takes too long to submit a business to an online directory. However, with a business listing service, you no longer have to worry about the time it takes up.

Through a listing distribution service, you will get your business included in more than 300 online directories. Having a presence in these online directories will communicate to search engines that you are a reputable business, thus boosting your search ranking.

Business listings also have a positive impact on your local search strategy. In fact, with Google’s recent Possum algorithm update, the guidelines for search proximity have become even stricter. Including your business listing under your local suburb versus the nearest major city will boost your local search strategy.

How do business listings help your online reviews?

We all know the value that online reviews provide your business, and a listing distribution will help you to earn even more online reviews. Many online directories include a place for customers to write a short review about their experience with your business.

In summary, the more business listings that you have, the better off you’ll be. A listing distribution service is an affordable solution for having a widespread presence in online directories.


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