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Which Social Media Marketing Network is Right for My Business?

social media marketing You’ve heard all the reasons why social media marketing should be a part of your company’s business plan, and you’re ready to start building your online presence. But now the question is, just where do you start?

When using traditional marketing channels, you choose between tools such as direct mail, broadcast advertising, and print material, based on which form gives your particular business more bang for its buck in terms of converting and retaining customers. The same principle applies to selecting social media marketing channels that best serve your company’s goals.

Social media platforms seem informal, but an online marketing strategy requires time and active involvement. Make the right investment by using these tips to choose the social networks that are most compatible with your company’s mission and goals.


Facebook is the current king of social media, so it has an immediate advantage in terms of a wide reach. Rather than being a place for overt selling, Facebook gives you a platform to strengthen your brand by building a relationship with customers and prospects. Engaging followers with photos, relevant news items and other relatable content “humanizes” your business.


Twitter is another platform that lends itself well to interaction through “conversations” that are similar to texting. Thanks to the 140-character limit, you can send short bursts of news and information that are direct and easily consumable. The immediacy of Twitter and the use of hashtags allows you to conduct conversations and attention-getting campaigns.


If your company is involved in B2B selling, LinkedIn is a valuable resource. This platform is the digital equivalent of networking, where you can develop contacts and demonstrate your expertise. LinkedIn relies more on text than photos or graphics, so it’s ideal for service providers who have less of a need for visual content.


There are few things that grab attention on the Internet faster than videos, and there’s no better place for them than YouTube, which popularized the concept of “going viral.” YouTube is actually the second largest search engine on the web, processing billions of searches each month. If your business lends itself well to engaging how-to demonstrations and other compelling visual content, YouTube is the place for them.


While Pinterest is another platform that’s primarily visual, much of the content is curated, so your “pins” can gain traction as followers share them. Pinterest is great for restaurants, interior decorating, clothing and other businesses where striking visual images can sell your company.

Managing your online presence and reputation is an ongoing part of any social media marketing program. At Rep 24/7, we can handle the job for you using our digital experience and state-of-the-art technologies. Contact us today to learn more.


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