Website Design Mistakes That Impact Performance

Are Common Website Design Mistakes Impacting your Performance?

Website design mistakes are very common. Too many businesses are focused on creating aesthetically-pleasing website designs that they overlook the most important aspect of all: the user experience. When you don’t take the functionality and user friendliness of your design into account, you’re not going to be happy with the performance of your website.

Here are five common website design issues that negatively impact performance:

1. You’re not using responsive design

Almost half of your visitors are accessing your website using a smartphone or tablet. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly for visitors to view your design in its optimal dimensions and easily access the content that they want. Google already gives preference to websites that are mobile-friendly in search rankings, and responsive design is the best way to accomplish this.

2. You’re using a free website builder

Are you looking to save a few pennies with a DIY website builder? While you may save some money on the front-end, you’ll end up with a design that doesn’t function for your business. The more features and services that you “drag-and-drop” into your website design, the slower the load times will be for visitors.

3. You have too many ads and banners in headers, sidebars, and footers

Not to say that including a special promotion in a header, sidebar, or footer is a bad thing, but it’s important that you don’t clutter up your website with ads and banners. You want to make it easy for your visitors to find content, and too many ads and banners will distract and overwhelm them.

4. You don’t include forms to capture lead information

Think about all of the time you’ve invested into driving traffic to your website. You owe it to your business to include lead capture forms on web pages to build your contact database and convert these leads to customers.

5. You have broken links on web pages

You need to regularly confirm that all links on web pages are working and link to relevant, authoritative content. Nothing takes away from the user experience more than clicking on a link and learning that the page is no longer available.

Your website is often the first impression that consumers have of your business, so you can’t afford to make these classic website design mistakes.

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