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Why Website Design and Content Marketing Need to Work Together

When talking with prospective clients, it’s not unusual to learn that they approach website design and content marketing separately. For example, when launching a new business, the company may have used a family friend for website design but chose a separate partner to handle content marketing.

To have a successful online presence, it’s imperative that your website design and content marketing strategies work in tandem. Partnering with an inbound marketing agency that offers website design, content marketing, and other related services all under one roof is your best bet for establishing an online presence that delivers results.

Here are several reasons why it’s advantageous to your business to have a website design and content marketing strategy that work together:

Your website design takes SEO into account from the start.

Today’s consumers like to do their homework before making a purchase decision. According to the latest stats, 81 percent of consumers turn to the internet before pulling the trigger on a purchase decision, and the vast majority of this research originates on search engines. You need to design your website with Google in mind, and you’ll best accomplish this by taking SEO into account.

Being cognizant of your SEO strategy from the start of the design stage of your website will allow you to create content that best appeals to your target audience. Website content that naturally includes the keywords and phrases that your audience is typing into search engines will bring you more traffic.

Your website includes a blog that consistently delivers value-added content to your audience.

Publishing fresh content on a consistent basis is the key to improving your search ranking. Since you won’t be regularly updating your “About Us” page or “Products and Services” page, establishing a business blog on your website is your solution for consistently publishing fresh content. Using the same agency to design your website and implement your content marketing strategy will ensure that both of these marketing efforts work together to produce results.

Your website and the content that you publish are consistent with your branding.

Your website is the face of your business online just as your content tells your story. Having a website design and content marketing strategy that works together will allow you to create a look and feel that is consistent with your brand’s message and unique personality.

These are just a few of the reasons why you need to have your website design and content marketing strategy work together. Contact us at Danesc to learn more about strengthening your online presence and getting results.