Voice Technology

Voice Technology & Your Business

Can Voice Technology Help You Run Your Business Better?

Voice Technology is the next huge thing!  With the vast majority of us being acquainted with Siri we knew that there was only more to come. And it has. Amazon was brought in as a key player with the Alexa – enabled Echo, a hands-free speaker controlled by voice and Google was quick to follow. Google rolled out the Pixel in May of 2016, and this smartphone uses a similar voice technology called Google Assistant as well as their new to the market Google Home.

Whether you prefer Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa, these voice technology tools will help you to run your business more efficiently. Here are several ways to use voice-enabled technology for a smoother and more productive workday:

1. Manage Your Schedule

As a busy entrepreneur, you’re making appointments on-the-go, which makes it challenging to maintain an accurate calendar. However, by issuing a voice command to your smartphone to schedule an appointment, the meeting will automatically populate on your digital calendar. Even better, your smartphone will automatically alert you when the meeting approaches.

2. Receive Location-Based Reminders

Let’s say you have a package to mail, but your hectic schedule is preventing you from getting to the post office during the workday. A simple solution is to issue a voice command to your smartphone to remind you to stop by the post office the next time you’re in the area. Because your smartphone has a built-in GPS, you will receive an alert to mail your package the next time you’re in the vicinity of the post office.

3. Create a To-Do List

Creating a to-do list is a best practice that productive people have been using for centuries. However, voice technology makes it even easier to put together a list of tasks and check them off throughout the day. If you’re using your Amazon Echo or Dot to create a to-do list, this technology integrates with apps like Any.do or Todolist for easy access on-to-go.

4. Send Emails or Texts

Need to send a quick email or text message? Instead of using the tiny keyboard on your smartphone, you can dictate your message using your voice with Siri or Google Assistant technology. While this is an incredibly convenient way to send a message, always read your messages before sending them. Voice technology fails can sometimes be worse than autocorrect fails, creating some embarrassing situations.

We want 2017 to be your best year yet, and taking advantage of voice technology tools will help you to increase productivity, stay organized, and take the new year by storm.

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