Share Video Content On Your Business YouTube Channel

No one will argue that video content will be a critical component of digital marketing in 2018. The latest statistics reveal that 74 percent of all online traffic is related to video content.

YouTube is a powerful content tool with more than 5 billion YouTube videos viewed each day. Considering that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, it’s time to create a YouTube channel for your business to upload videos and grow your audience online.

Here are a few easy steps to create a YouTube channel for your business and grow your online presence with video content:

Step 1: Create a Google Account.

You probably already have a Google account for your business, and you can use your account to sign in to YouTube.

Step 2: Optimize Your YouTube Channel with Business Details.

Once you’re signed into YouTube, click on the “user icon” and select “settings” from the drop-down menu. You will then be presented with an account overview page. Click on “additional features” at the bottom of the page and choose a name for your channel. Ideally, your channel name should be representative of your business.

Step 3: Customize your YouTube Channel.

Providing descriptive details and visuals are the two ways that you can customize your YouTube channel.

To provide descriptive details, click on “customize channel” from the dashboard and then select “advanced settings.” In the descriptive details section, you’ll want to provide a basic background of your business. Include your location and relevant keywords that you want to associate with your business. Be sure to provide contact details for your business. You can include up to five links, which should include your website and social media channels.

In regards to the visual details, you’ll need to choose a profile picture for your YouTube channel and a responsive banner that is reflective of your business.

Step 4: Upload Video Content and Optimize for Search.

Help users discover the videos that you’re uploading by optimizing them for search. Assign a clear title to each video and use tags to communicate the context of your content. Be sure to select a category for your video to maximize its discoverability.

If you follow these four simple steps, you’ll have a YouTube channel for your business, which will allow you to generate more leads through video content.

Do you want to create more video content in 2018, but don’t feel confident in your ability to do so? We can help. Contact us at Danesc to learn how we can help you to grow your business online through video content.