Use Google AdWords to Increase Conversions in 2018

Google AdWords

While you can't deny the effectiveness of high-quality organic content, your search strategy in 2018 will also need to include paid content to reach your audience. Google is regularly updating its search algorithm and the way that it ranks content. If you want to increase your visibility in search results, running a Google AdWords campaign is a smart idea.

What is Google AdWords?

AdWords is Google’s advertising platform that allows marketers to bid on keywords that their audience is typing into search engines so that their clickable ads appear in a prominent position in Google search results. Depending on the keywords that your business bids on and the relevancy of those keywords for your company, running a Google AdWords campaign can be a quick way to earn conversions and increase brand awareness.

Here are several tips to help you maximize the ROI of your Google AdWords campaigns in 2018:

1. Become comfortable with the new Google AdWords platform.

Over the past year, Google has made several updates to its AdWords platform. These changes have impacted the user experience, so it’s in your best interest to familiarize yourself with the new platform so that you can take advantage of new features and improvements to optimize your campaigns.

2. Use the AdWords Audiences feature.

One of the advantages of using Google AdWords is the ability to target a specific audience. Getting your content in front of the right audience is crucial to the success of your campaigns, and AdWords Audiences allows you to experiment with showing your ads to different groups of people. Test out different audiences and the functionalities of the AdWords Audiences feature to optimize the performance of your campaigns.

3. Don’t ignore conversion tracking.

AdWords offers several ways to track conversions, such as calls from ads, calls from your website, web form completion, and more. Paying attention to these metrics will allow you to determine the ROI of your campaigns and make improvements when necessary.

4. Take advantage of ad extensions.

Google AdWords offers ad extensions that allow you to deliver a more tailored and personalized ad to your audience. Take full advantage of these ad extensions to earn higher click-through rates and improve the performance of your campaigns.

To have success with Google AdWords in 2018, it’s imperative that you take full advantage of all of the features and functionalities that this paid advertising platform offers.

With so many moving parts to Google AdWords, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Let us handle your paid advertising campaigns for you.

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