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Top 5 Facebook Ad Types


Do you ever wonder what people are staring at on their mobile devices? Considering that 68 percent of online adults use Facebook, there’s a good chance they’re scrolling through their Facebook newsfeeds. Research indicates that mobile users spend 20 percent of their total time online browsing through Facebook and Instagram. This statistic proves that Facebook is a powerful outlet to reach your audience.

Marketers have come to appreciate Facebook paid advertising for the wide variety of targeting options. However, with so many different types of Facebook ads to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one will help you to accomplish your goal. Here is an overview of the Facebook lead ad type to help you best determine the right Facebook ad for your objective:

Goal #1: Brand Awareness

More than 1.8 billion people use Facebook each month, making this social media platform a useful tool for raising awareness of your brand. Use the brand awareness Facebook ad objective when you create compelling content that begs your audience to want to learn more about your business.

Goal #2: Store Visits

Do you have a brick-and-mortar store location and want to get more people walking through your door? Creating a store visits ad will allow you to geographically target Facebook users to entice them to visit your store. For the best results, set-up a structure for your locations on your business Facebook page.

Goal #3: Website Conversions

A Facebook website conversion campaign asks users to click on your ad and complete a requested action. This type of Facebook ad directs users to your website “to learn more.” The ad encourages conversions and creates a sense of urgency for the user to take immediate action.

Goal #4: Promote Events

Do you want to create some buzz on Facebook about an upcoming event for your business? Use the event ads type to promote your event and boost attendance.

Goal #5: Lead Generation

Gathering contact information from leads is necessary for successful marketing campaigns. Creating a lead generation Facebook ad will allow you to collect lead information without users having to leave Facebook. This type of ad creates a positive user experience and syncs with your CRM.

These are just a few examples of goals that your business may have in mind with Facebook advertising and which ad types you should use to accomplish them. You may even find that you could use multiple Facebook ad types to reach your goal.

To learn more about Facebook paid advertising and which ad types will help you best accomplish your goals, please contact us at Danesc.