Is Google Shutting Down Google+ as a Social Media Platform?

The privacy of consumer data and the lengths that social media platforms are going to protect this information is a hot topic for marketers and consumers alike. While Facebook has had its fair share of negative press regarding this issue over the past year, Google has also recently been in the hot seat.

500,000 Google+ Users Were Impacted By a Data Breach

Google made the mistake of exposing the private data of hundreds of thousands of Google+ users between the period of 2015 to 2018 but failed to alert consumers about this data breach. When Google discovered the exposed data in March of 2018, the company is said to have immediately corrected the mistake. However, because Google did not make users aware that their private information ( email addresses, birth dates, places of residence, profile pictures, and more) may have been compromised, the search engine giant is in big trouble. According to a blog post that Google put together to address this issue, more than 500,000 users may have been impacted, but they don’t know who was truly impacted by the data breach and who was not. The blog post went on to say information such as Google+ social posts and messages were not part of the breach.

As a result of the exposed data and delay in letting users know about the data breach, Google announced that it will be shutting down the consumer version of Google+, which will take place over the next 10 months to transition users out of the service. To further address the concern surrounding the privacy of user data, Google also said that the company will be more transparent with the types of data that they share with apps.

What Does the End of Google+ Mean for Your Business?

From your business’s perspective, while Google+ is one less social media platform that you need to be concerned about, you still need to make your Google My Business page a priority. Not only will a Google My Business page help to increase your visibility in search results, but it will also give you the option to share Google My Business posts (1,500 character limit) to help capture your audience’s attention in SERPs.

Having an active social media presence will help your business to build authority and engage your audience, assuming that you’re using the right social media platforms. Our team at Danesc can help you to determine the right social media mix for your business and industry and help you to fulfill the time-consuming task of creating content that sparks online conversation.

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