SEO Mistakes

SEO Mistakes That Kill Your Blog

3 Common SEO Mistakes That Kill Your Blog

Your business blog has the potential to be a big driver of traffic to your website. The alarming thing is that Google and other major search engines can quickly put a halt to this traffic if you’re found guilty of making some SEO mistakes. Sometimes you may not even realize that you are making these SEO mistakes.

Here are 3 of the most common SEO mistakes that will put you on Google’s naughty list, essentially killing your business blog:

1. Keyword Stuffing:

The concept of “keyword stuffing” refers to using a targeted keyword over and over again in the content to boost your search ranking. While this may have worked ten years ago, Google will blacklist you for doing this today.

Google is regularly updating its search algorithm to improve the user experience. When you read a stuffed article, it offers little value to the reader. This does not read well and seems unnatural.

While you’ll want to keep targeted keywords in mind when creating content, make it your priority to publish content that people will want to read. Search engines will reward you for this.

2. Article Marketing:

Article marketing is when you write a blog post and create multiple versions of it by rearranging the wording.  You then submit it to a website that collects free articles in exchange for a link back to your website. Keep in mind that this is very different from evergreen content, which we discussed in a recent article.

While this strategy peaked in 2008 search engines, have since gotten smarter and now ding businesses that use this practice for creating spam. As you can imagine, this can cause your website’s ranking to plummet dramatically.

3. Unnatural Anchor Text:

When you hear someone talking about anchor text, it refers to the text inside of a link. Anchor text is one of the key factors that search engines like Google take into consideration when determining what to rank the pages on your website. So, for example, if the anchor text “fall vacation destinations” were used, you would assume that article is about fall vacation destinations.

However, it’s no surprise that there are people out there that want to game the system and use anchor text as an opportunity to insert keywords for ranking. The catch is if you use the same keywords in anchor text throughout the article, it’s going to look unnatural, and search engines will pick up on this. Since Google gives preference to content that offers a good user experience, unnatural anchor text is not a good SEO strategy to embrace.

SEO can be tricky and sometimes the slightest things can throw off search engines. If you are not getting the results that you want, we can help.

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