SEO to Improve your Website 

Your website has flaws, guaranteed.
Even if you think that your website is perfect, it's probably not.

The more pages your website has, the more likely there are many errors to be corrected.Even if your website was error free when you published it, there could be numerous things that you might need to fix: links can get broken, servers can have problems, there might be duplicate content issues, etc.

Errors on your website can have an adverse impact on the search engine rankings of your web pages. Danesc Rep 24/7's Website Audit helps you identify web pages that contain errors that can cause decrease SEO performance.


  • Daily checks of your rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!
  • Check the position of your site on Google, Google Mobile, Yahoo, and Bing. For what keywords your website is ranked.
  • How much search volume your keywords are pulling in?Compare your competitor rankings for your keywords.
  • Regional reporting to know which countries and regions your website are ranked.How is your website ranked on mobile devices?
  • How do your rankings change from day to day?
  • We monitor any keyword, in any country, in any location. The rankings are checked daily.


Ensure your website is running at it's full potential with... Contacts Us!

How it’s done…

Access & Setup

We gather all of the information and platform access needed to analyze and monitor your site. 

Audit Site

Check your site for issues that can have an adverse impact on the SEO rankings of your website. 

Analyze Data

Get found by Google for unique search terms and open new revenue channels.

Action Plan

Custom SEO action plan including Meta Data optimization, error correction, sitemap and search console setup & optimization.

Our Services

Website Design & Development

Responsive WordPress website that your audience can trust for innovation & functionality. 

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Email Management & Support

Save time and frustration with professionally managed email the partners you trust.

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Website Maintenance & Hosting

Secure and reliable hosting, backed up by professional website maintenance and management to ensure your site is always up to date and functional. 

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Communicate seamlessly with your client base & grow your business with email marketing management.

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Grow your fanbase & audience with professionally managed social media ad campaigns.

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Engage with over half of all online consumers through a custom Android & iOS mobile application.

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Generate SEO & traffic through over 300+ location listing distribution.

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Professionally convey your brand’s voice with content that builds audiences & grows traffic.

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Establish your social entity, & create a consistent voice on your social networks.

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