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Scheduling Content in Advance

The Benefits and Dangers of Scheduling Content in Advance


Summer is officially here, which means vacation season is in high gear. If you’re like most business owners, you don’t want to manage your social media presence or business blog while vacationing. Unfortunately, when you’re running a small shop, content management is your responsibility. Is it possible to take a vacation from content marketing?

According to several content scheduling tools, the answer is yes. Even though there are several advantages to scheduling content in advance, we urge you to proceed with caution. Here is an overview of the benefits and dangers of scheduling content in advance:


Allows you to be more strategic

When you can plan your content in advance, you can be more intentional and strategic with the content that you post. Scheduling content in advance will help to ensure that your topics align with your overall marketing strategy.

Enables you to be more consistent

When working ahead you’ll be less likely to stray from your publishing schedule. You can also use analytics to publish content when your audience is most likely to read it.

Saves time by preventing distractions

By scheduling content rather than posting in real-time, you’ll spend less time having to manage your social media presence or business blog. By “batch-loading” content in advance, you’ll increase efficiency and productivity.


Your content can become irrelevant

We live in an unpredictable world. If something major happens, your content can become irrelevant, causing your business to appear out-of-touch.

Your posts may seem robotic

A key reason why you create content in the first place is to give your business a human element. However, when you schedule content in advance, your posts become automated and impersonal.

Your reach may be lower

Depending on which scheduling app you use, you may not get as high of a reach with your content than if you posted it in real-time.

You miss out in real-time conversations

Social media presents your business with an opportunity to interact with prospective customers in real-time. However, when you schedule content in advance, you miss out on real-time engagement.

As you can see scheduling content in advance offers several advantages but it is important to weigh the cons. Here at Danesc Rep 24/7, we offer a solution so you can have this responsibility off your plate. We are able to give you the advantages of scheduled content while making sure to avoid the cons.


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