Scannable Content

Scannable Content: Why You Need It and How to Write It

Scannable Content: Why You Need It and How to Write It

We live in a world where the average consumer attention span is shorter than a goldfish. For marketers, this means the content you create needs to be not only compelling but also easy for readers to digest.

The typical online consumer isn’t reading articles in their entirety. In fact, they’re not reading at all. They’re skimming the text.

Therefore, to create online content that is effortless to read, it needs to be scannable. There’s an art to creating scannable content, and here are some useful pointers to help you master this:

1. Be Concise:

There are too many articles that include fluff or bloat. This just gets in the way of the point you’re trying to communicate to readers.

Be more concise with your writing, realize that your audience does have an imagination. No need to go into too much detail to paint a picture.

Also, give each point that you want to communicate its own paragraph. This will help break up the content and make it easier to digest.

Being concise means not using three words if two will get the job done. Writing concisely takes willpower (especially in the editing stage), but cutting out unnecessary words will make your content easier to scan and comprehend.

2. Write With Scanners In Mind:

Scannable content includes the following elements:

  • Bolded subheadings
  • Bullet points to break up the text
  • Whitespace to make the content appear less overwhelming
  • Brief, single-point paragraphs

3. Be Objective:

A classic material mistake is using language that’s too promotional. For example, “the perfect gift” or “the best material.” These words offer more of a sales pitch than value, and it’s a quick way to lose credibility with your audience.

Instead, don’t be afraid to be subjective and balanced. Your goal should be to educate your audience. If you do this well, you’ll indirectly promote your brand and leave your audience feeling excited about your products and services.

Embracing these 3 tips will allow you to create content that’s easy to scan, comprehend, and digest.

Want more best practices for creating scannable content? We’re happy to help! Contact us at Danesc to learn how you can make more of an impact with your content.