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How to Revive Underperforming Blog Content

You put a lot of time into creating quality blog content. In fact, if you’re like most marketers, you’re investing an average of two to three hours into each blog post that you write.

So, when your blog post earns little traction with your audience, you understandably question the ROI of your content marketing strategy. When your blog posts don’t perform, is it really worth it to invest the time and energy into creating content?

The answer is yes by all accounts. Research shows that content marketing costs 62 percent less than outbound marketing, yet generates three times more leads.

You can revive underperforming blog content by embracing the following best practices:

1. Use influencers to your advantage.

Connections are key to having a successful content marketing strategy. Building relationships with industry influencers will help to increase the visibility of your blog content and establish credibility for your business.

Identify who the influencers are in your niche and make a point to share their content. If you do this consistently over time, there’s a very good chance that they’ll return the favor.

Another best practice is to include a relevant quote from an influencer in your blog content. The influencer will appreciate the mention and will be more inclined to share your blog post.

2. Publish blog content at optimal times.

Use analytics to determine the times and days that your audience is most active online. While the optimal times will vary depending on your industry and audience, most marketers have good luck publishing blog content shortly before the lunch hour.

3. Make your blog posts easy to share.

Your audience does not have the time to jump through hoops to share your content. The easier you make it for readers to share your blog posts, the more likely they’ll do so. Every blog post that you write should include visible social sharing buttons at the end of the article.

4. Find ways to repurpose content.

Although you have a high-quality blog post full of value, the format that you chose may not interest your audience. Find opportunities to repurpose content so that it resonates with your audience. For example, a lengthy blog post could be converted into a colorful infographic to engage readers.

In summary, don’t give up on underperforming blog content. Use the tips outlined above to revive your blog posts and earn more engagement.

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