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4 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose Content Into Video

You can’t talk about content marketing today without making video part of the conversation. Research shows that today’s consumers want to see more video from brands they follow than any other form of content. If you’re struggling to come up with engaging video content, why not repurpose content that you’ve already created into videos?

Ideas to Repurpose Content Into Engaging Videos

To help you diversify your content mix, here are some winning ways to repurpose content into dynamic videos that your audience will love:

1. Repurpose a blog post into a video slideshow.

If you have an active business blog, take a look through your posts and see which ones have created the most engagement with your audience. You can revive these evergreen blog posts and make them continue to work for your business by repurposing them into a video slideshow.

Don’t have a lot of time to invest in turning your blog posts into video content? We’ve got a useful tip for you. Take advantage of the Lumen5 app, which will help you transform your blog post into a video within minutes by identifying and pulling the most compelling text from your article and creating a storyboard for you.

2. Turn a snippet of your webinar into a video.

You put a lot of time and energy into creating webinars; however, the challenge is that webinars have a short lifespan and fall under the radar unless you continue to promote them. There’s a good chance that your webinar hosting software offers the ability to create short video recordings of your webinars. Take advantage of this capability to share snippets of valuable video content with your audience to encourage them to watch your full webinar.

3. Convert customer testimonials into video content.

Customer testimonials are one of your most powerful tools to help you win over your audience. If you’ve already acquired a collection of customer testimonials on your website, compile them into a short video to make it easier for your audience to digest the content.

4. Turn internal videos into educational video content for your audience.

If you’re like many businesses, you use video content to educate your employees about how to teach their customers to use your product or service. Therefore, it’s no surprise that aspects of these videos could be valuable to share externally with your audience. Use a tool like Loom to help turn your internal videos into powerful ‘how to’ videos for your customers.

Video content is on the rise and should continue to be an essential ingredient in your content marketing strategy in 2019 and beyond. Take advantage of these four brilliant ways to repurpose content into engaging videos for your customers.

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