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What is Remarketing and How Can It Bring Back Leads?

Shocking but true, 98 percent of the people that visit your website won’t convert on the first visit. However, the good news is that you have the opportunity to get another chance to win this audience over through remarketing.

What is Remarketing?

If you’ve been at this game long enough, you’ve probably heard of remarketing (also referred to as retargeting), but may not know exactly what this means.

Remarketing uses a cookie-based technology to follow your website visitors around on the internet and appropriately serve them ads. This is accomplished by inserting a small, unobtrusive piece of code on your website. Each time someone visits your website, the code drops an anonymous browser cookie. This cookie will then alert you of the optimal time to serve ads to your non-converting website visitors, helping to keep your brand top of mind and, ultimately, earn these conversions.

Whether you realize it or not, you have no doubt been exposed to this popular form of paid advertising as a consumer. Let’s say that you visit the website of your favorite clothing outfitter, but don’t make a purchase. Later, while browsing Facebook, you see an ad pop up for that same clothing outfitter. Coincidence? I think not!

When to Use Remarketing?

  • Here are some scenarios where remarketing could really benefit your business:
  • Bring back website visitors that have yet to convert
  • Re-engage with website visitors that have abandoned their shopping carts
  • Sell more products to highly targeted website visitors
  • Create brand awareness

How Can Remarketing Bring Back Leads?

In short, remarketing can bring back prospective customers that are already familiar with your business, but have yet to make a purchase. By understanding the content that these prospective customers interacted with on your website, you can serve them product-specific ads based on what they already expressed an interest in. This is a highly effective way to remind these prospective customers how great it would be to buy that item.

Remarketing is also a beneficial paid advertising tactic for businesses with longer sales cycles. In these scenarios, you could entice people to learn more about your business by using remarketing to encourage downloads of your ebooks or participation in upcoming webinars. Remarketing can be a great strategy for warming up genuine prospects.

If we have you excited about the idea of getting back in front of lost opportunities, please contact us at Danesc to learn more about remarketing and how it can benefit your business.