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Are Privacy Concerns Impacting Facebook Marketers?

Facebook has received a lot of heat in the news lately, particularly through the Cambridge Analytica scandal and concerns about user privacy. To mitigate these concerns, Facebook recently announced that it would be eliminating access to third-party targeting data, which left some Facebook marketers wondering about the future of using the social media platform to promote their business.

What Facebook Marketers Need to Know About Current User Data

Despite the negative coverage that Facebook has received in the news over the past few months, it does not appear to be impacting Facebook marketers yet. According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, 74 percent of social media users are signing into Facebook each day.

Also, according to the first quarter earnings report for 2018, the number of daily active Facebook users grew by 13 percent year over year, reaching 1.45 billion active Facebook users.

The poll touched on the issue of privacy concerns and asked users if they were aware of their current privacy settings on Facebook. Approximately 74 percent of respondents said they were aware of the existing privacy settings that they have in place. To further elaborate on the concern about privacy, the poll asked users if they knew how to update their privacy settings on Facebook, and 78 percent of respondents answered “yes.”

Something interesting that this poll revealed is that 49 percent of respondents only feel that they have some control over their personal Facebook data. Despite roughly half of Facebook users understanding that they don’t have full control over their data, they’re still choosing to use the social media platform. This signifies that many Facebook users have come to the realization that they are essentially trading their data for free access to Facebook and are more or less okay with it.

So, as it stands, privacy concerns appear to be having little impact on Facebook marketers using the platform to promote their businesses. Will this trend continue? With Facebook feeling the pressure to be more transparent, it’s likely that we’ll see some more changes coming down the pipe to ease users’ concerns about privacy, which will help to keep users active on the social media platform.

You Need a Social Media Expert On Your Side

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