Time Management Struggle

Overcome the Time Management Struggle

Overcome the Time Management Struggle With New Enhancements to Google Wifi

Do you ever wonder how much time you could have back in your workday if it weren’t for distracting websites on the internet? The time management struggle is alive and well in today’s workplace. We’ve talked about time management tools like StayFocusd and SelfControl that allow users to temporarily block websites so that they can complete tasks without the temptation to browse the internet.

According to a recent study, the typical employee wastes between one and three hours during the workday to surf the web for personal purposes. If this happens on a daily basis, that amounts to a lot of wasted time. While the internet has certainly enhanced the way that we do business today, this loss in employee productivity is one of the biggest pitfalls.


Of course, Google has come up with an answer to the time management challenges that the internet creates. If you’re using Google Wi-Fi in your office, you benefit from a solution that works in tandem with your modem and internet provider to allow you to stream, download, and share without the interruptions in service. Google’s latest enhancement to its Wi-Fi system is Scheduled Pause. This new feature allows users to pause internet access at specified times throughout the workday, enabling them to focus on completing tasks rather than wasting time online.

While using time management tools to restrict access to specified websites is one solution to helping your employees stay on track at work, requiring your workplace to take a time-out from the internet each day has proven to be effective in boosting productivity. The Scheduled Pause feature that Google’s Wi-Fi system now offers will hold your workplace accountable to the internet time-out period.

What are your thoughts on requiring your employees to take a break from the internet for a specified period during the workday? Do you think it would help to boost productivity or have the opposite effect?

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