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Organic Content Creation: Why You Still Need Original Content

Trying to understand how search engines like Google and Facebook rank content can sometimes feel like performing brain surgery. Instead of creating high-quality organic content, some businesses are choosing to take the easier (and more expensive) route of paid advertising. With so much emphasis being placed on PPC marketing strategies these days, is organic content creation still a necessity? Yes, absolutely.

Benefits of Organic Content Creation

Our creative team at Danesc believes in finding a healthy balance between paid and organic content. Although paid content can help you to quickly expand your reach, high-quality organic content will continue to provide value for your business over time.

Here are several convincing reasons you shouldn’t give up on organic content creation:

1. Fuels Discovery.

Today’s consumers are using social media platforms to discover brands, products, and services. When someone performs a search on a social platform like Facebook, the most relevant organic content will appear at the top of search results above paid promoted posts. Organic video content in particular aids in social discovery and helps to increase brand awareness.

2. Offsets Negative Search Algorithm Scoring.

Most search algorithms base their scoring on the overall engagement versus the overall reach of a post. Paid content often offers a broad reach, which dilutes the engagement that the post generates. As a result, the search algorithm ranks the content lower. Making high-quality, value-added organic content part of the mix will help to offset negative search algorithm scoring.

3. Helps to Maximize Media Spend.

Before you spend your precious media dollars to promote content, create organic posts to find out how your audience responds to the content. If the posts spark engagement, incorporate some paid content to boost your exposure and reach a larger audience.

4. Validates Your Brand.

Today’s consumers research brands online to see if they’re credible. Generally, the people that see your organic content will be your best followers and evangelists for your brand. These are the people that are most likely to leave comments on your posts, which will help to increase your online visibility and validate that you are a brand worth doing business with.

As you can see, there are many benefits to continuing to create organic content. The challenge that many business owners run into is finding the time to create compelling, original content. If you can relate, we can help.

Contact us at Danesc to learn about our comprehensive content creation program and how you can use a combination of organic and paid content to build authority and grow your business online.

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