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Online Reputation: Google to Alert Users of Responses to Online Reviews

We’ve talked a lot about using Google My Business to capture your local audience. Considering that the vast majority of online searches originate through Google, having a Google My Business page has become a necessity to increase visibility and attract local traffic. Proactively maintaining your Google My Business page is also crucial for keeping your online reputation intact.

The Relationship Between a Google My Business Page and Your Online Reputation

One of the ways that a Google My Business page can help you build credibility with your audience and strengthen your online reputation is through online reviews. Research reveals that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews just as much as a recommendation from a friend. While businesses know that they need to seek out online reviews to build their online reputation, the idea of receiving a negative review creates some anxiety.

No matter how well you run your business and execute your customer service strategy, receiving a negative review is inevitable. The way that you choose to respond to a negative review has the potential to either help or harm your online reputation.

How quickly you respond to a negative review will impact how well you’re able to preserve your online reputation and resolve the issue. According to research, approximately 20 percent of consumers expect a business to respond to a negative online review within 24 hours, and approximately 50 percent expect a response within 7 days. If you’re not proactively monitoring online mentions of your brand, you miss out on a huge opportunity to win over disgruntled customers and protect your online reputation.

Google to New Alert Users When a Business Responds to Online Review

According to the latest news from Google, the search engine giant will begin notifying users that leave a negative review about a business via email once the business responds to the online review. Alerting users of a response to a Google review may impact the type of response that a business offers. The alert will increase the likelihood that the reviewer will read the response from the business, which will help to hold both parties accountable for telling an accurate story.

From Google’s perspective, alerting users when a business responds to an online review will position the search engine giant to be the platform of choice for finding local businesses. This enhancement is an additional way that Google is striving to deliver the most relevant and useful information to users.

How does your business currently manage its online reputation? Contact us at Danesc to ensure that your brand’s online reputation has a solid foundation.

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