5 Ways to Grow Your Online Business

online marketingIt’s no secret that online marketing is the biggest innovation to advertising since the dawn of the television age. Nowhere can a business reach more customers as affordably as on the Internet. Here are a few suggestions – five to be exact – that will help you to significantly grow your business online

Not only boost but retain customers – Getting visitors to your website is just the first step – you also want to convert them into paying customers. Guess what? Providing relevant and timely information on subsequent visits is the best way to achieve this goal.

Use social media – People love to crowdsource. They want THEIR opinions heard not the stilted ones of the advertisers. It is simply not possible to generate through traditional means the “buzz” about a product that a viral campaign can have.

Pay attention to the mobile user – “Handsome is as handsome does.” This old adage supplies some interesting insight into the latest generations of “connected” customers. Simply put, your potential customers are going to do what they want to regardless of your marketing efforts to the contrary.

Make navigation as simple as possible – It should be obvious but we will still say it again, a website should strive to deliver a customer to their point of need in as few clicks as possible. After all, there is no sense in making a client who actually wants to make a purchase jump through a dozen metaphorical hoops.

Use multiple landing pages – Continuing the idea of the previous point, customers should be guided by SEO and keywords to places on the website that address their fundamental concerns. Do they want info? Send them to this page. Comparisons versus competitors? This is a better starting point. You get the idea.

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