No More Excuses: Can’t Afford Not to Business Blog

If you think blogs are just something that Millennials and yuppies read, think again. Approximately 77 percent of internet users are reading blogs to research products and services. Business blogs offer a source of validity as 81 percent of American consumers trust the information and advice that they read in blogs.

Business blogging is on the rise, and it’s not just big brands that are churning out content. Businesses of all sizes are investing in content marketing, and 60 percent of marketers say that business blogging is their top inbound marketing priority.

Business Blogging Increases Website Traffic and Strengthens Search Strategy

Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Companies that blog experience 55 percent more website traffic, helping to increase brand awareness and generate conversions.

If your goal is to get to the top of Google’s search results, blogging will help you to accomplish this. Google’s algorithm looks for fresh, relevant, high-quality content when retrieving search results for users. By consistently publishing original content on your business blog, you’re creating new pages on your website for Google and other search engines to index. Frequently publishing fresh content will signal to Google that you have an active website, which will help to improve your search ranking.

Businesses that Blog are More Credible with Consumers

Blogging also makes your business more credible with consumers and search engines. Consumers need to hear about your company three to five times to believe its veracity. By regularly publishing quality content that addresses relevant issues your audience wants to hear about, your content is more likely to be shared. The more shares your content earns, the more exposure your business will receive, thus helping to increase the credibility of your brand.

The Challenge with Maintaining an Active Business Blog

While your business blog is a powerful tool for establishing authority for your brand and strengthing SEO, the process of business blogging is time-consuming and difficult to fulfill on your own. You know you need to have a business blog, but how can you stay accountable to consistently publishing high-quality, relevant content?

Our experienced content marketing team at Danesc will help you to fulfill your content creation needs and turn your blog into a lead-generating powerhouse.

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