New Updates to the Facebook Newsfeed

Facebook newsfeed

Facebook recently announced a significant change that will impact the content that users see in their newsfeeds. Going forward, you can expect to see more content from friends in family in your Facebook newsfeed and less marketing messages and news articles.

For some, this update to the Facebook news-feed will be music to their ears. However, if you rely on Facebook to promote your business, it's natural that this update is concerning to you.


What brought on the change to the Facebook newsfeed?

Facebook is by far the largest and most popular social media channel with more than 2 billion monthly active users. Despite this, the social media giant experienced a slight decline in the amount of time users are spending on Facebook over the past 12 months.

More than 60 million businesses have a Facebook page, and the targeting capabilities of the Facebook advertising platform makes the social media channel a powerful way to reach your audience. However, with so many businesses promoting themselves on Facebook, users are becoming bombarded with marketing messages in their newsfeeds. As a result, some users are choosing to spend time elsewhere online.

Facebook has also been under scrutiny for displaying “fake news” in newsfeeds during the 2016 presidential election and other toxic content.

The motive behind the latest change to the Facebook newsfeed is to spark meaningful social exchanges and engagement among users. Instead of passively scrolling through updates in the newsfeed, Facebook wants users to interact and connect with each other.

How can you keep your business content visible in users’ newsfeeds?

Despite the changes to the Facebook newsfeed, you will still need to have an active presence on the social media platform. Here are some tweaks that you need to make to your Facebook marketing strategy to stay visible:

1. Create engaging organic content.

Creating quality organic content that enriches users’ lives and encourages engagement will always have a place on Facebook, even post-newsfeed update.

2. Take advantage of non-feed advertising placements.

Historically, marketers wanted their ads in the Facebook newsfeed for maximum visibility. However, with the algorithm update, marketers will have better luck with putting ads in non-feed placements (right column, sponsored messages, in-stream video, and more).

3. Be smart with Facebook ad spending.

Use analytics to review the performance of ad spending and determine where you’re having the best results.

Facebook is constantly changing the way that it ranks content in its newsfeed, and it’s to your advantage to be in-the-know of these updates.

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