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How to Nail Your Value Proposition

To be able to market your business well, you need to have a clear understanding of the value that you bring to your audience and a firm belief in your products and services. Creating a value proposition sums up what your business does, who it serves, and what makes your business unique. Taking the time to craft your statement of value will make it easier for you to connect with your audience and serve as the foundation for all of your marketing efforts.

How to Create a Value Proposition

Creating a value proposition is easier said than done. However, to dominate online marketing (or any form of marketing for that matter), you must be able to articulate the value that you offer to your audience. Here are four steps to help you create a compelling value proposition for your business:

Step 1: Define

What is the pain point that your product or service is able to solve? Before getting ahead of yourself by offering a solution, begin by defining the problem that needs solving.

Step 2: Evaluate

What is unique and compelling about the solution that you have to offer? Is it a breakthrough in comparison to other solutions on the market? What you bring to the market should not only be exciting to your company but your target audience as well.

Step 3: Measure

Most businesses are so focused on the benefits that a new product offers that they lose sight of how challenging it will be for customers to learn how to use the product. You need to evaluate the Gain/Pain ratio, which refers to the gain that your customers will experience from your new product over the cost (time and money) that are required for the customer to adopt the new product. Of course, the easier your product is to adopt, the more value it will deliver to your customers.

Step 4: Build

Once you’ve defined the problem that your product addresses, evaluated what makes your product unique, and measured how easy it will be for customers to adopt your product, it’s time to build your value proposition statement. To help accomplish this, use a framework that addresses who the product is for, what the current (dissatisfied) alternative is, what your product offers, and how your product is unlike the current alternative solution.

Once you establish your value proposition, you need to find a way to insert it into every aspect of your marketing, including online marketing. Our team at Danesc can help you communicate your value proposition through intuitive website design, relevant and intriguing content, social media management, and more.

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