Messenger Bot

Use a Messenger Bot at Your Next Presentation

We all have presentations to make from time to time. Want in on a secret that will help you better communicate your message at your next speaking gig? Incorporate a Messenger Bot into your next presentation.

What is a Messenger Bot?

Facebook offers the ability for businesses of all sizes to build a custom “bot” in Messenger. With approximately 900 million active Messenger users, a Messenger Bot provides your business with a powerful way to connect and engage with your audience.

When you create a Messenger Bot, your business can start an automated conversation with your customer. Because the bots are created using Facebook’s Bot Engine, they have the ability to understand conversational language and learn from it. This artificial intelligence allows your bot to get smarter with each interaction.

How Can Your Audience Benefit from a Messenger Bot?

If you’re looking for a sophisticated way to increase the comprehension of your presentation, creating a custom Messenger Bot is your solution.

Here are several ways that a Messenger Bot can help you to better communicate your message:

1. Keep your audience engaged.

One of the biggest challenges of giving a presentation is keeping your audience engaged in the subject matter. A bot designed specifically for your presentation will help to make your discussion easier to follow and provide for a better audience experience.

2. Collect post-event feedback.

A bot can help you make your next presentation even better by collecting feedback from audience members in a fast, friendly, and convenient way.

3. Share slides with attendees.

Occasionally, audience attendees will reach out to you to get the slides from your presentation. If you incorporate a bot into your presentation, it makes it easier for everyone to get the follow-up information that they need.

4. Drive traffic to your website.

Use your bot to encourage audience participants to engage with your business after the event by visiting your website.

By incorporating a Messenger Bot into your next public speaking event, you’ll help your message to better resonate with your audience and demonstrate that you’re “with the times.”

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