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Marketer Spotlight: Rand Fishkin

Marketer Spotlight

If you’ve been around the block in digital marketing, you’ve heard of Rand Fishkin. Known as the Wizard of Moz, Fishkin is the founder and former CEO of Moz, an SEO software startup that has grown to become one of the most visible marketing companies in the world. He’s also been the co-author of several books on SEO, co-founded, and hosts the popular SEO blog, Whiteboard Friday. In short, Fishkin knows a thing or two about SEO and is an industry influencer that you need to be following.


Just like most entrepreneurs, Fishkin’s career path wasn’t clear-cut from day one. He got his feet wet with the internet in its earliest stages when he was in high school. His experience led him to begin building websites in the late 1990s and serving as a consultant for the domains of local banks, doctors, lawyers, and small businesses.


Fishkin became an authority in the SEO world in the early 2000s when he chimed in and offered valuable information on forums in the SEO world. The size and scope of the material that he was sharing on these forums inspired Fishkin to create Moz.

He served as CEO of Moz from 2007 to 2013, and his time in this role afforded him the opportunity to speak to the teams at Google, Facebook, and Microsoft as well as be a keynote speaker at several inbound marketing conferences. He is the author of one of the most widely used resources in the SEO world, the Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization. Fishkin also co-authored The Art of SEO, which is a book for O’Reilly Publishing.

While he stepped down from the role as CEO of Moz in 2013, Fishkin still serves as a frequent contributor to the company. He’s also still involved with, which shares inbound marketing articles on a daily or weekly basis.

The SEO world is a difficult one to navigate, and you can learn a lot by following industry influencers like Rand Fishkin.

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