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Marketer Spotlight: Marcus Sheridan

 Marketer SpotlightDanesc Marketer Spotlight    Marcus Sheridan

Here at Danesc we have been a part of the inbound marketing industry at its earliest stages. We have offered a wealth of knowledge to our clients, helping them to dominate their online marketing presence. Just as our clients reach out to us, we too reach out for higher understanding and expertise.  We want you to enjoy our marketer spotlight.

Our Marketer Spotlight this month is someone with whom we have high respect. You may have heard his name before. He runs one of the most followed social media blogs on the web called The Sales Lion. He is featured in multiple best-selling books and The New York Times, and he took his company from nearing bankruptcy to being one of the most successful pool builders in the country.  Our marketer spotlight ladies and gentlemen, Marcus Sheridan.

In 2009, he started personal blogging. Here he focused on personal development, marketing, and sales and eventually blew up, and his blog The Sales Lion became one of the most followed blogs on the web making it one of the top 10 Social Media Sites out there.

Marcus found that creating content was a way that he could stand apart from his competition and he connected with his audience by publishing blog posts that addressed key issues both easy and controversial to deliver.

This brought Sheridan huge momentum that led him to several great opportunities. He is now an internationally renowned keynote speaker, New York Times best-selling author, respected sales and marketing coach and HubSpot trainer.
So, join us. Get your feet wet with the inbound marketing wisdom that Sheridan is offering, check out his Mad Marketing podcast. He uses this podcast to address real questions that business owners have and to deliver value in a very honest and personal way.

If you need someone to turn to for advice, we would like to hear from you. Contact us at Danesc and let us help you with your inbound marketing strategy.