Marketer Spotlight Frank Kern

Marketer Spotlight: Frank Kern

Marketer Spotlight: Frank KernMarketer Spotlight Frank Kern

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of understanding where customers are in your sales cycle and serving them with stage-appropriate content. Our Marketer Spotlight Frank Kern is one of the most sought after internet marketing consultants and copywriters in the world that excels at this strategy. Let’s take a moment to talk about Frank Kern and why every marketer needs to take a page out of his book.

Kern has become widely known for creating Behavioral Dynamic Response, which is the process of tracking prospects’ behaviors during a campaign and dynamically sending marketing messages based on prospects’ behaviors. This proven automated marketing method will speed up your sales cycle and deliver results to your business.

Behavior Dynamic Response

To give you an example of how this works, Kern created a 55-minute video with the goal of earning new clients. To track his success, Kern identified three goals for his prospects with this video campaign:

1. Start the video.
2. Watch the video all the way through for the offer.
3. Contact Kern to discuss becoming a client.

By identifying these three response indicators up front, he strategically designed his campaign to get as many prospects as possible to meet these goals. To track his progress, he kept a tally of how many people were starting the video. He sent an email to those not watching the video with a specific expiration date that their access to the video would expire. By creating a specific sequence to track behavior, Kern was able to get prospects to watch his video, see his offer, and contact his company to inquire more.

Getting Serious

For those that are serious about creating a more efficient sales cycle that customizes marketing messages to a prospect’s behavior, Kern offers several training courses to take your business to the next level. You can also follow his blog to get your feet wet with his style and philosophy and make tweaks to your existing online marketing strategy.

All in all, we can’t stress enough the importance of understanding your audience, knowing where they are in the buyer journey, and serving them relevant, stage-appropriate content. Frank Kern is certainly a leader in this area, and we encourage you to follow him for valuable insight and to learn how to be more strategic with your online marketing efforts.

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