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How to Make Positive Online Reviews Go Further

Positive online reviews for your business are like pure marketing gold. Receiving a glowing review from a customer will build your brand’s reputation, give your business credibility, and help to establish trust with your audience. Considering that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend, any positive press that you receive about your business can help to seal the deal with prospective customers.

Make Positive Online Reviews Work for Your Business

Once you receive a positive online review, you need to make that review work for your business! That means you must do more than just acknowledge the review.

Here are four ways to make your positive online reviews go further for your business:

1. Always respond to every online review that you receive, both positive and negative.

Somewhere along the way, business owners developed the belief that they need to only respond to negative reviews. In our opinion, it’s just as important to acknowledge positive online reviews. If someone takes the time to write you a five-star review, you need to show them the love by thanking him or her. Showing your appreciation for your customers–especially when they pay you a compliment–will help to encourage additional positive feedback about your business.

2. Mark positive reviews as helpful.

Most of the online review platforms such as Google and Yelp allow users (including business owners) to make a review as helpful. Doing so will move your positive online reviews further up on the site so that more people will see it.

3. Promote your online reviews on social media.

To ensure that your positive online reviews get maximum exposure, you need to promote them on social media. If you’ve received a positive review on Facebook, promote it by creating a Facebook post on your business page that shares the review. You should also promote your review on Instagram by taking advantage of Instagram text apps to put your review in eye-catching quotes. Sharing your positive online reviews will offer social proof to your followers and will further instill in their minds that you’re a credible brand.

4. Include a customer testimonial page on your website.

Give your website visitors a glimpse of what their experience would be like if they choose to do business with your company by including customer testimonials on your website. Plus, customer testimonials provide a keyword-rich source of content for your website, which will benefit your SEO strategy as well.

Positive online reviews are some of the best compliments that your business will ever receive, so it’s to your advantage to promote this feedback.

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