Email Marketing Tactics

Issues Hindering Your Email Newsletter Performance

Are you using email to deliver value-added content to your audience and drive conversions? If you think email marketing is on the path to extinction, you couldn’t be more wrong. Considering that most online consumers have an email address and check it daily, sending an email newsletter is a powerful way to reach your audience.

Most consumers don’t have a problem receiving an email newsletter. In fact, consumers prefer that brands communicate with them via email.

If you’re sending a weekly or monthly email newsletter, are you happy with the results that you’re getting? Here are some of the most common issues that hinder the performance of email newsletters:

1. You haven’t segmented your email contacts into lists.

A classic mistake that many businesses make is to send one generic email to all subscribers. In reality, your email contacts are all in different stages of your sales cycle and have varied needs. By taking the time to segment your email contacts into lists, you can be more intentional with the types of email content that you send and get a better response. Take advantage of an email service such as MailChimp or Constant Contact to simplify the process of segmenting your contacts.

2. You don’t have a lot of email newsletter subscribers.

If you’re taking the time to create a quality email newsletter, it can be frustrating to not have many subscribers. Best practices for growing your email subscribers include repositioning your email form to the top right sidebar, using a pop-up signup form, and offering an incentive to earn new subscribers (free ebook, for example).

3. You aren’t earning opens or clicks on your email newsletters.

A benefit of using an email service is that you’ll have access to reports that will reveal the performance of each mailout. A low percentage of opens and clicks means something is not working with your email marketing strategy. Aside from having the technical team at your email marketing service look into the issue, you can improve performance by playing around with subject lines, ensuring the sender name is representative of your business, and including clear calls-to-action in your email newsletter.

In summary, email marketing needs to be a priority for your business, and being aware of these common mistakes will help you to get better results from your email newsletter.

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