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Is Paid Advertising Now a Necessity to Reach Your Facebook Audience?

Are your Facebook posts not earning the same levels of engagement that they used to? If so, you’re not alone.Facebook continues to regularly make updates to the algorithm that it uses to rank content in your newsfeed, which tends to give preference to posts from personal Facebook pages over business Facebook pages.

In fact, it’s estimated that only a tiny portion (somewhere between 3 and 15 percent) of a company’s Facebook followers can see the organic content that the business is posting. This makes sense as the typical user is signing into Facebook to see what his friends are up to and would prefer not to be bombarded with advertisements.

However, as a marketer, it’s incredibly frustrating to know that your audience is not even seeing the organic posts that you’ve worked so hard to create. As a result, paid Facebook advertising has become a necessary evil for businesses that want to get exposure on Facebook.

The Powerful Targeting Tools Offered By Facebook Paid Advertising

Of the social media platforms that offer paid advertising, Facebook is consistently recognized for offering the best advertising tools, especially with targeting. For example, with the targeting options provided by Facebook, you can show your posts to just people who like your page or people who like your page and their friends. This in itself can create tremendous exposure for your brand. In addition, marketers can get very granular with who they choose to target with paid Facebook advertising campaigns, such as by demographics, geographic location, and interests.

Just as you should not do with an organic marketing approach, you would not want to take a one-size-fits-all strategy for Facebook paid advertising. By catering your Facebook advertising campaigns to specific audiences, you’ll earn higher levels of engagement and get better results.

Promote Much More Than Just Content With Facebook Paid Advertising

Facebook paid advertising also gives you the option to promote much more than just your Facebook content. Businesses can now use Facebook Advertising to promote their websites and calls-to-action. Facebook offers several CTA buttons that can be incorporated into paid advertising campaigns to help drive results.

So, in short, Facebook will continue to enhance its algorithm to provide a better user experience. This means less organic content created by businesses will appear in users’ newsfeeds. Therefore, Facebook paid advertising has become an effective way for brands to build awareness on this widely popular social media platform.

There are a lot of moving parts with Facebook paid advertise, and we’d like to help you excel with this strategy. Contact us at Danesc to learn more about improving your brand’s presence on Facebook.