Instagram’s Native Advertising

The Consensus (So Far) On Instagram’s Native Advertising

A big complaint shared by many is that advertisements have taken over the social media space. In fact, it’s now become necessary to use paid advertising on Facebook to reach your audience. But how is native advertising affecting us?

For several years, Instagram offered a breath of fresh air as advertisements on this social media platform were slim to none. The (near) absence of ads in Instagram newsfeeds was because the social media platform had historically limited advertising to just a few big brands. However, in 2015, Instagram announced that it would be making its advertising platform available to businesses of all sizes.

Naturally, people became concerned with the announcement that Instagram would be opening up its advertising platform to everyone. Everyone felt the social networking site would become flooded with advertisements. However, unlike social media advertising on other platforms, Instagram embraces native advertising.

Different than other forms of paid advertising, native advertising fits in naturally with the space that it’s placed. Because Instagram ads are not intended to feel like traditional advertisements, they should not take away from the user experience.

Now that Instagram native advertising has been rolled out for more than a year, what has been the public’s general response to ads sneaking into newsfeeds?

The overall consensus is that Instagram advertisements don’t take away from the user experience. Brands that are making an investment in Instagram advertising are taking the time to create high-quality ads that mimic the look and feel of other posts on the social media platform without making a hard-sell.

What we’ve seen so far is that Instagram ads are earning extremely high engagement rates. In fact, the ad recall from Instagram sponsored ads is 2.8 times higher than on other social media platforms. Also, Instagram users are 58 times more likely to engage with Instagram ads than Facebook ads.

To capitalize on this engagement, Instagram offers businesses access to powerful targeting tools to ensure that their content serves the right audiences.

It’s apparent that Instagram native advertising is working as 30 percent of users on this social media platform have admitted to purchasing a product discovered on Instagram.

Native advertising will rule in 2017, and Instagram is spearheading the movement. Want to make Instagram a key player in your social media marketing strategy? We can help! Contact us at Danesc to learn how to maximize your ROI on Instagram native advertising.