Free Messaging Apps

Improve Collaboration With Free Messaging Apps

Free Messaging Apps

More people are working remotely than ever before. This means that your entire team will not always be physically present in the office for an impromptu pow-wow. Considering that most employees have access to a smartphone, freeĀ messaging apps have become a powerful way to collaborate and loop your team into a conversation.

Here are four free messaging apps that you need to be using to share information, hand-off tasks, and improve collaboration with your team:

1. Slack

For projects to move along smoothly, your team needs to be up to speed with current priorities and responsibilities. This tool allows your team to sync up quickly by having employees touch base each morning with a one to two-sentence status update. As a manager, you can use this tool to send reminders to your team. If anyone is absent or jumps into the conversation after it’s already started, this messaging app can catch them up without disrupting others.

2. HipChat

How many times have you wanted to be able to share your screen with an employee that’s working remotely? And instead of holding conference calls, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have your employees’ attention by using video chat to communicate? HipChat can help you with both of these capabilities and much more. Instead of waiting for an answer to a time-sensitive question in an email, use this free messaging app to cut to the chase with @mentions.

3. WhatsApp

We couldn’t talk about free messaging apps without mentioning the wildly popular WhatsApp. This app will automatically sync with your phone’s contacts and allows users to send text, voice, photo, and video messages. For those concerned about security, WhatsApp recently added a new feature that encrypts the messaging between WhatsApp users.

4. Google Hangouts

If you’re not in front of your computer, you can download the Google Hangouts app and collaborate remotely from your mobile device. This app blends the best of Google+ Messenger, Google Messenger, and the original Google Hangouts video calling app and allows you to send individual or group messages, use emojis, make video calls, and more.

Using traditional SMS text messaging to collaborate with your team is so 2016; so give these free messaging apps a try to boost productivity, improve communication, and show your team that you’re cutting edge.

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