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Google’s Latest Update : “Fred”

What You Need to Know About Google’s Latest ‘Fred’ Update

Google is always shaking things up with its algorithm updates, which makes it challenging for the typical business to get a handle on search engine optimization. Recently confirmed by Google, ‘Fred’ is the latest of these algorithm updates and will impact the way that the search engine giant ranks your content.

What is the ‘Fred’ algorithm update?

The Fred algorithm update further dings businesses that create low-value content for the primary purpose of revenue generation. Google says that any website that does not abide by the webmaster guidelines will experience a drop in search rankings due to this algorithm update. As usual, Google was vague about which violations of webmaster guidelines would hurt rankings the most. However, the biggest takeaway is that your business needs to make creating quality content that offers real value to your audience a priority.

Honestly, the limited information that Google has provided us with about the Fred update isn’t telling us anything new. We’ve known for quite some time now that Google does not like black hat SEO practices. Despite this, many businesses are still choosing to create content solely for self-promotion purposes (whether they realize it or not), and these are the websites that will experience the biggest drop in search rankings.

Has Fred caused your search ranking to drop?

Have you experienced a drop in your search rankings and are wondering if the Fred algorithm update has something to do with it? Here are three steps that you need to start taking immediately:

1. Refer to Google analytics

Did you experience a drop in rankings between March 5th through March 20th? If so, you’ve been impacted by the Fred update.

2. Identify mediocre website content

Blog posts that are purely self-promotional need to be removed or re-written so that they add tangible value to readers.

3. Remove any questionable backlinks

Use a backlink spam tool to identify any broken or poor quality backlinks and remove them. Make sure all of the ‘good’ links that you keep are natural and within reasonable ratios (for example, no anchor text similarities).

Fred is certainly not the last algorithm update that we’ll see surrounding black hat SEO practices as Google strives to deliver high-quality, relevant results to searchers.

Are you feeling overwhelmed as you digest yet another change to Google’s search algorithm? We can help!

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