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Use Google Posts to Reach Your Local Audience

For most consumers, Google is the go-to tool for discovering and vetting local businesses. Considering that 82 percent of consumers are turning to search engines to find information about local businesses, you need to focus on optimizing your company’s presence on Google. Aside from claiming a free Google My Business page for your business, you should also make Google Posts part of your strategy.

What Are Google Posts?

While most business owners are comfortable promoting themselves on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Google Posts is a lesser known territory that often gets overlooked for this reason.

In conjunction with a Google My Business page, businesses can create Google Posts to promote a big announcement, share a product update, talk about an upcoming event, and more. Depending on what your customers are typing into Google’s search query, your Google Post can increase how the search engine giant ranks your content in search results.

Google Posts allows you to create a post of up to 300 words to grab your audience’s attention, and you can add video, GIFs, imagery, and other visuals to your post. Another advantage to using Google Posts is the analytics component that allows marketers to see how many impressions and clicks that posts generate.

Best Practices for Creating Google Posts

Outlined below are several best practices for writing captivating posts:

1. Share relevant news in the headline.

You have 58 characters to create a captivating headline for your Google Post. Sharing relevant news in your headline will help you to grab your audience’s attention and provide insight as to what your post entails.

2. Keep your posts clear and to the point.

Although you have 1,500 characters to work with when crafting a post, Google only displays the first 100 characters in its knowledge panel. For the best results, focus on promoting one offer and place it at the beginning of your post. Google Posts expire after seven days, so this provides your business with the perfect opportunity to convey a sense of urgency in your message.

3. Help your post stand out with a large visual.

Keep in mind that using mediocre images shot from your phone’s camera aren’t going to cut it. If you want to catch someone’s eye, you need to share striking visuals with optimal lighting and framing.

All in all, Google Posts provide your business with a free and easy opportunity to increase your visibility in local search results. It’s in your best interest to make Google Posts part of your search strategy.

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