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Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update: Have You Been Impacted?

Google is constantly updating its search algorithm to improve the user experience, and some of these enhancements are so small that they go unnoticed. However, from time to time, Google will make a change to its algorithm that has the potential to make a big swing in search rankings, such as its most recent Broad Core algorithm update that took place in early August 2018.

What is Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update?

Fortunately, when Google makes a significant update to its search algorithm, it announces the change. However, unlike previous algorithm updates such as Penguin and Hummingbird that were designed to address specific issues with the algorithm, the explanation that Google gave for the Broad Core algorithm update was, well–broad. Instead of addressing specific aspects of the algorithm, the Broad Core algorithm update appears to be a change to the main search algorithm itself.

The explanation that Google gave for its Broad Core algorithm update is extremely technical and over the heads of many SEO experts. However, in the simplest of terms, the update changes the weight and importance of many different ranking factors that Google uses.

Have You Been Impacted by the Core Algorithm Update?

If you haven’t already done so, you need to take advantage of Google’s webmaster tools to see if your website has been impacted by the latest algorithm update. You’ll be able to see if you’ve been penalized by the update by checking out your organic website traffic in Google Analytics. If you see a sudden drop in traffic in August, it’s likely that you’ve been impacted by the Broad Core algorithm update.

If You’ve Been Impacted, How Can You Recover?

The best advice that we can give you for conquering the Broad Core algorithm update is to continue to publish high-quality content that focuses on the user intent. It’s also to your advantage to ensure that you have a responsive, mobile-friendly website design that meets Google’s guidelines and offers clean architecture.

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