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New Google Algorithm Update Impacts Exact Keyword Match Types

Google made headlines a few weeks ago with its Broad Core algorithm update, which was a tweak to the overall algorithm in an effort to deliver more relevant search results to users. This week Google announced yet another change to its search algorithm which should change the way that marketers approach keyword match types.

What Are Keyword Match Types?

Keyword match types are a set of parameters that Google AdWords uses to control which keywords should trigger your ads to appear in search results. There are different keyword match types that you can use to have your ads displayed: broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, and exact match. This particular algorithm update will impact exact match keyword targeting as it will now include close variants to the exact match keyword. Going forward, the exact words will no longer be the only trigger to show ads when using the exact match keyword type.

This change is yet another way that Google is fine-tuning its search algorithm to appeal to user intent. With this update, Google is able to help the intent of a search query match the keyword, thus delivering more relevant search results to users.

To give you an example of how this change will look in practice, let’s take a look at the exact match keyword [Appalachian Trail hiking]. With the change to include close variants with exact match keywords, other search queries to trigger the ad could include “Appalachian hiking” or “AT hiking.” In this scenario, Google would determine the three phrases to have the same user intent.

How Does This Change Impact Your Business

If you’re primarily using exact match keywords to trigger your ads, this Google algorithm update could prove to be very beneficial to your business by allowing you to expand your reach and earn more clicks and conversions. Over the next few months, you’ll want to pay close attention to the search term reports before and after this algorithm update to determine negatives or new keywords to include in your match types.

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