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How to Give Your Social Media Marketing Plan a Makeover

So you’ve been told that you need to tweak your social media marketing plan for your business. Pretty straightforward task, right?

For many SMB owners, the answer would be no. However, if you read our blog post that outlines 5 steps to a winning social media marketing strategy to begin with, maybe you wouldn’t be in this predicament.

It’s no secret that there are so many different moving parts to social media marketing, which is why some businesses run into a roadblock with their strategies at one point or another. If you really want to give your social media marketing plan a makeover, you need to have clear goals in mind and know exactly what you want to accomplish with your social media activity.

By giving your social media marketing plan a makeover to reflect your goals, you’ll have a roadmap to help guide your actions as well as a great resource to refer to determine how you’re progressing with your goals.

When you’re ready to give your social media marketing plan a makeover, here are 5 easy-to-follow steps to best achieve this:

1. Define your goals and objectives for using social media.

Just like any plan you would ever make, the very first step is to define your goals and objectives. By not establishing goals, you won’t have a way of evaluating how your campaigns are performing or what your return on investment is.

It makes sense that you’ll want to align your social media marketing goals with your business’s broader marketing strategy so that all marketing outlets will be working towards a common goal.

When establishing which metrics you’ll want to measure, go beyond the vanity metrics (likes, retweets, etc) and focus on leads generated and your conversion rate.

2. Conduct an audit of your current social media activity.

Assuming that you already have a social media presence, you’ll want to carefully evaluate how your business is performing on each social media platform. Are your profiles up-to-date and consistent with your brand? Are you active on the social media platforms that your audience uses? Are your social media pages up to par with your competition?

3. Optimize your existing social media accounts. 

Based on the audit of your current social media activity, you’ll want to refine your strategy to best meet the goals and objectives that you’ve outlined. This includes optimizing your social media profiles for SEO and cross-promoting your social accounts (when appropriate) to maximize your brand’s online exposure.

4. Turn to your competition for inspiration.

How do you measure up to your competition on social media? What types of content seems to earn them the most engagement? How does your audience like to interact with your competition’s social media posts? Just as important, be sure to make a note of what doesn’t seem to be working well for your competitors on social media.

5. Create a content calendar for your social media posts.

Once you establish the types of content that you will be sharing on social media and how frequently you will update your various social media platforms, but together a content calendar to hold you accountable to your plan. Scheduling content several weeks in advance can alleviate the burden of having to come up with content ideas at the last minute. Think about your target audience for each social media post and how you plan to promote the content.

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