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How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate to Get Better Results From Email Marketing


When it comes to email marketing, a lot of metrics get tossed around and everyone wants better results. However, you need to pay close attention to one metric in particular: the bounce rate.

What is an email marketing bounce rate?

In regards to email marketing, the bounce rate refers to the percentage of emails in your contact list that did not receive your message because the email address was invalid or filtered by spam. You need to be aware of two types of bounce rates: soft bounce and hard bounce.

A soft bounce refers to an email that was sent to a valid email address but did not reach the recipient’s server due to temporary factors such as a full inbox or a down server. A soft bounce can correct itself over time.

On the other hand, hard bounces occur when sending emails to invalid addresses. A hard bounce is permanent and will continue to hurt your email marketing strategy if you don’t remove the invalid addresses.

How can you reduce your email marketing bounce rate?

As a rule of thumb, you want to keep your email marketing bounce rate under two percent. Any bounce rate higher than this is worthy of your attention.

Here are several email deliverability best practices to reduce your bounce rate:

1. Purge your contact database regularly

Maintaining good list hygiene and ditching invalid emails and non-responders on a regular basis will help to keep your email marketing list clean and updated.

2. Ask subscribers to double opt-in

When someone opts-in to receive your emails, send a confirmation email to make sure that the email address is valid. Additionally, ask the subscriber to reconfirm that he or she wants to receive your emails.

3. Track your email delivery rates

By monitoring email delivery rates, you can proactively catch issues before they happen or cause damage to your email marketing strategy.

Keeping your bounce rate under control can be challenging, and it’s a metric that you must consistently monitor to be effective with email marketing. Being mindful of your bounce rate and using these best practices to maintain a clean contact list will allow you to get better results with your email marketing campaigns.

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