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Five Key Ways to Protect Your Company’s Reputation

company reputationWhether it’s positive or negative, local or international, your company has garnered a reputation of one sort or another. In fact, a good reputation is one of the greatest assets that any company can have and protecting that good name should be a major concern of everyone in your organization. Here are just a few recommendations on how to accomplish this extremely important goal:

Own your name Thousands of domains are registered daily. If you don’t already own your company name as a domain, you should rectify the situation immediately. If by chance, it is already taken, make the effort to acquire it while also registering the .net and .org versions of your name as well.

Create great content – Any company worth its salt should strive to be recognized as a thought leader in its niche by creating relevant and timely information. Clients will look to you first, when development occurs in the industry. It is also a great idea to contribute content to third-party sites like Quora to help expand your audience and client base.

Get socially involved – The latest generation of Internet users often look to crowd-sourcing for information on a company. You can influence this resource by placing your own positive comments on social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This pushes negative comments down and basically improves your results on Google.

Leverage your contacts – One hand washes the other, as they say, and developing links to and from vendors, clients and even competitors will improve the page-ranking and online reputation of your company. Do not forget to take advantage of any industry associations that you are part of as they are especially interested in promoting their members.

Recognize that it takes time – Simply put, there are no short cuts or “get rich quick” schemes to develop an excellent online reputation for your company. Instead, a slow but steady flow of pertinent articles and comments will do the trick. Keep in mind that it can take a year or longer before you develop a following.

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