How Featured Snippets Boost Your Search Strategy

Google regularly makes updates to its search algorithm to deliver the most relevant results to users. If you’ve noticed, Google is moving past displaying its top 10 blue links and is now offering featured snippets in search results.

What are featured snippets?

When looking at a Google SERP, you’ll see featured snippets displayed at the top of organic search results inside a box (also referred to as “answer box”). Businesses can earn the highly coveted featured snippet spot by answering a user’s question in a clear and concise way. Earning a featured snippet spot will give your business tremendous exposure and will increase your traffic by as much as 30 percent.

Featured snippets come in three forms:

1. Paragraph: the answer is provided in text form.
2. List: the answer is offered in the form of a list.
3. Table: the answer is offered using a table format.

How can you earn a featured snippet spot?

Technically, anyone can snag a featured snippet spot, although 99.58 percent of the snippets are from pages that already rank high on Google. Research shows that businesses in the DIY, health, and finance industries have the best shot at earning a featured snippet.

To have the best chance of earning a featured snippet, you need to start by conducting keyword research. Consider the types of questions that your audience is typing into search queries and the user intent. Keep in mind that people don’t always use the question format when performing a search, so longtail keyword phrases are best. Serpstat is a great keyword research tool that combines keyword research with featured snippet research.

Once you conduct keyword research, you need to optimize your content for featured snippets. Your content needs to be high quality and concisely address questions that your audience is typing into search queries. As a best practice, use a subheading in your content to address the question and immediately follow the question with a one-paragraph answer. Keep in mind that Google loves numbers, steps, and lists. Research shows that pages that earn featured snippets also address several similar questions in the content.

Improving your search position takes a lot of planning and strategy. However, earning the coveted featured snippets spot is an incentive to work harder to create quality content.

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