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Facebook Messenger Chatbot Can It Generate Revenue?

How a Facebook Messenger Chatbot Can Help You Generate RevenueFacebook Messengert Chatbot

Today’s consumers don’t want to dial a 1-800 number and go through a lengthy list of prompts when they’re in need of customer service. In our fast-paced world, people demand immediate gratification and want their issues addressed promptly. Businesses that use social media as a customer service tool have a competitive advantage.  They’re able to deliver prompt service without making their customers jump through loopholes. The Facebook Messenger app offers a quick and convenient way to take customer service conversations to the private side to resolve an issue. Understanding the popularity of using Facebook Messenger as a customer service tool, the social media giant recently announced a new feature to enhance customer service communications: the Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

What is a Facebook Messenger  Chatbot?

The messenger chatbot feature can be installed on your business’s Facebook page.  This allows your company to begin an automated conversation with anyone that clicks on your messenger to start a discussion. The chatbot uses a series of menus and keywords to save your customer time by guiding them to the next steps. For instance, the chatbox will guess the question that the customer is typing into Facebook messenger based on the keywords used. So, if you own a shoe store and the customer types in the keyword “basketball,” the chatbot would offer a list of basketball shoes that you carry.

The chatbot also allows businesses to create custom trigger words to guide customers down a particular path. Custom triggers will especially come in handy with tracking leads from social media campaigns.

How Can a Facebook Messenger Chatbot Benefit Your Business?


The Facebook chatbot offers you several additional benefits to your business other than being a quick and convenient source for answers. First, chatbot is a powerful way to increase engagement with your customers. Increased engagement will provide you with an opportunity to remarket your ad campaigns to people that have yet to like your Facebook page.

You can also use a Facebook chatbot to send a message to subscribers directly from your Facebook page. To do this, you load customers’ email addresses and phone numbers into the Facebook custom audiences feature. Facebook will charge a fee to use this feature, but it can be an effective solution to get the conversation started with your audience.

All in all, the new chatbot feature will allow your business to enhance its social media customer service strategy. This makes it easier for your customers to find the answers they need.

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