Messenger Broadcast

Facebook Messenger Broadcast for Businesses

The social media landscape is regularly changing, which is why we make it our goal to keep you up-to-date with the latest news. One topic that has created a lot of buzz this week is that Facebook is testing a new Messenger Broadcast feature, which is a mass-messaging interface that would allow businesses to send marketing messages to users.

What is the new Facebook Messenger Broadcast tool?

While it’s still not clear of all of the functionalities that the Messenger Broadcast feature will offer, it appears that marketers will be able to use the tool to create a welcome message and call-to-action. Users will be able to engage with the message by clicking on a Messenger bot or selecting a pre-set reply written by the business.

As the Messenger Broadcast tool rolls it, Facebook says that a certain number of businesses will be able to use the tool at no extra cost. There has been no mention of the ability to pay for more reach when using the Messenger Broadcast tool, but it seems like a reasonable direction for the feature.

Should you use Messenger Broadcast for your business?

We’ve talked about the value of using the Facebook Messenger tool to connect with your audience before, and this new Messenger Broadcast tool could amplify this.

If Facebook does choose to launch this new tool, it needs to be cautious that the Messenger Broadcast doesn’t offer a spammy experience for users. If users view Facebook Messenger as a spam source, they won’t even open messages from friends, which would cause a mass exodus of this communication tool.

Because the Messenger Broadcast tool is still in the testing phase, there is no set date for when this feature will be available. With the incredible success that Facebook has had with its Messenger tool and the acquisition of WhatsApp, it’s apparent that the social media giant is placing a lot of focus on Messenger capabilities.

Of all of the social media channels, Facebook presents your business with the widest net to reach your audience. Partnering with a Facebook marketing expert will ensure that your business is maximizing its presence on this social media network.

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