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Facebook Advertising Gets A Serious Upgrade

facebook advertisingFacebook recently announced a significant change to their ad campaign structure. The new structure is specifically designed to help businesses easily organize, measure and optimize their marketing efforts on Facebook. Not surprisingly, it is also designed to maximize the revenue that Facebook will collect.

It is not a huge deal if you understand the differences that the change entails but many small business owners may not have the time or energy to work out the intricacies of the new process. Here is a quick update on Facebook advertising for your small business.

1. Develop Relevant Ads – Obviously, people do not want to waste their time viewing irrelevant blog posts, videos or other data. You may get an acquire a visitor on the first “go round” but you will never see them again if your information is out of date or off the point.

2. Customize Multiple Ads – Use varying images, video, text and links to appeal to the various demographics in your overall audience. Facebook can then serve the ads on a more targeted basis. It is an effective yet affordable way to reach a much broader audience than by using a single ad.

3. Create Different Ad Sets – This is the real crux of the new process. Facebook has hundreds of millions of users and it is impossible to reach them all with one ad. The new system allows you to target different demographics and, more importantly, see which ones work best in terms of revenue enhancement and lowered costs of acquisition.

For more information on Facebook advertising in particular or on social media marketing in general, please contact us at Danesc. We would love to discuss how to create a successful Facebook Ad Campaign for your small business.

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