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Facebook Ad Algorithm: What Marketers Need to Know

Like most prudent business owners, you want to lower what you’re paying for Facebook ad campaigns, yet maximize your ROI. To be able to get the most bang for your buck, you need to understand how the Facebook ad algorithm works.

The challenge with the Facebook ad algorithm is that it’s a big black hole that few people understand. And, once you think you’ve grasped it, the algorithm changes again.

What Marketers Need to Know About the Facebook Ad Algorithm

In early 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the social media giant would make meaningful interactions on the platform a top priority. Therefore, changes to the algorithm have been made to ensure that the right ads are being served to the right audience to create a positive user experience.

Keeping in mind that Facebook prioritizes the user experience with the way that it ranks paid content in its newsfeed, here are some useful tips that marketers need to know about the Facebook ad algorithm:

The Highest Bidder Doesn’t Always Get Premium Placement

The Facebook advertising platform uses an auction to determine how content is displayed in users’ newsfeeds. In an effort to deliver the best user experience possible, the Facebook ad algorithm doesn’t always give preference to the highest bidder. This is because Facebook realizes that its users don’t want their newsfeeds to become cluttered with ads. Instead, Facebook is focused on delivering positive, relevant experiences to its users. As a marketer, it’s in your best interest to always match your message to your audience. By using language that your audience understands and taking into consideration their interests in the campaigns that you run, your Facebook ads will be more effective and your conversions will cost less.

Choosing the Right Objective for Your Ad Campaign is Critical

To increase your estimated action rate, ensure that you’re always choosing the right objective for your campaign. For example, if your goal is to get more people to watch a “how-to” video that you’ve created, you should choose a video view objective for your campaign. Running an ad that helps you to accomplish your campaign goal will communicate positive reinforcement to Facebook. As a result, the Facebook ad algorithm will allow you to maximize your content exposure.

At times it seems that trying to comprehend the way the Facebook ad algorithm works is a full-time job. That’s where we come in.

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