Twitter Marketing

How the Expanded Tweet Impacts Twitter Marketing

Historically, Twitter has differentiated itself from other social media platforms by limiting posts to 140 characters. Users had to get creative when crafting tweets to fit within the character limit, which is how the infamous hashtag evolved. These short bursts of communication have come to form Twitter’s identity, and businesses have adjusted their Twitter marketing strategies to engage users.

November Brings Big Changes to Twitter

However, Twitter as we know it changed significantly in November. The iconic 140-character tweet can now be as long as 280 characters.

Twitter will still be a fast-paced social media platform with brevity being the focus. The goal of expanding the character count for tweets to 280 is to make it easier for users to express themselves without having to spend too much time trying to cram their message into 140 characters.

Despite the increase in the allotted character count of tweets, Twitter says users will be able to send tweets faster than ever before. When testing to see the impact of the expanded tweets, Twitter says only 1 percent of users are taking advantage of the full 280 characters.

Users opposed to the character count increase say it will disrupt the fast-paced, real-time nature of Twitter. The concern is that users will take too much time crafting tweets that are long paragraphs instead of sharing just a few words and a link.

How the Character Count Increase Impacts Twitter Marketing

The increase in the number of characters now allowed in tweets should have little to no impact on Twitter marketing. If anything, marketers will be able to improve communications using the social media platform.

For the best results with Twitter marketing going forward, keep creativity alive and continue to make brevity your focus. With the increase in characters, some brands will use the 280 characters to tweet generic marketing messages that aren’t memorable. If you don’t fall for this temptation, you’ll stand apart from the competition.

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