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Earn More Clicks On Your Content With These 5 Proven Tactics

We all want to earn more clicks on our content, right? To get the job done, you must capture your audience’s attention, and your headline, by far, is your most powerful tool for accomplishing this.

5 Sure Ways to Earn More Clicks

If you want to make your first words too good to ignore, you need to understand your audience. Once you master the art of creating buyer personas, you can earn more clicks on your content by implementing one of these scientifically proven tactics:

1. Use the “Curiosity Gap” to Your Advantage.

It’s human nature to want to understand something that appears strange or puzzling. By including compelling and ubiquitous language in your headline, you’re piquing the curiosity of your readers. They can’t help but click on the article and learn something new.

2. Demonstrate Rarity and Exclusivity.

Consumers are more inclined to take action if they perceive an opportunity to be rare or in short supply. This is why phrases such as “exclusive offer” and “limited supply” are often used by marketers in headlines. People are wired to want to be able to get their hands on something that is in demand, and actually acquiring it makes them feel powerful.

3. Include a Number.

The vast majority of content that consumers encounter each day is full of words and images. Therefore, when a number appears in a headline, it’s going to stand out. A number also communicates a sense of finality to your readers and helps them to size up their time commitment to an article. Research shows that the more consumers understand how much time they’re going to need to set aside to read an article, the more likely they’ll read it start to finish.

4. Embrace the Element of Surprise.

If you can genuinely surprise your audience with your headline, you’ll earn their complete attention. By stunning your audience, they’ll instinctively come to the conclusion that they need to pay attention to your article.

5. Ask a Relatable Question.

Turning your headline into a question is one of the oldest tricks in the book to engage your audience. However, it’s important to note that it’s possible to write the wrong question, such as something that has an obvious answer. Instead, you want to ask a question that sparks critical thinking and forces the reader to look inward. In turn, your audience will be emotionally motivated to read your article, helping you to earn more clicks on your content.

As you can see, there’s nothing new or earth-shattering about these content marketing tactics. Marketers have been using them for generations–because they work!

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