How to Drive Leads and Traffic to your Website through Twitter

social media marketingTwitter – only a decade old – is one of the most influential social media marketing sites on the web. In fact, the site boasts over 300 million active users and handles almost 1.7 billion queries PER DAY! – An absolutely phenomenal statistic by any standard. Here are a few ideas on how to capitalize on this opportunity by using it to drive more traffic and leads to your site:

Have a reliable site to visit –

Too many people start their online marketing with Twitter thinking that a following is more important than a destination. While seemingly successful initially, this strategy only develops a following that has nowhere to go. And then they never come back. Instead, do the leg work first by building a solid website and then drawing in the visitors.

Optimize Your Profile –

Your profile should include a professional profile photo (preferably your company’s logo) and an appropriate cover photo. Make sure you also include a link to your business’s website in the bio section, as well as a short snippet on what goods or services you produce.

Tweet every day –

This is a relatively obvious bit of advice but one that is often overlooked by busy Twitter followers. Sure, it is easy to tweet when it is convenient but dedicated business owners must delegate this quotidian task to subordinates or take responsibility for themselves. Otherwise, followers will rapidly migrate to other, more socially active sites.

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